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The Important Stuff - How to win the game!

To win the game, one team must score the most points. To score points, a team must kick the ball over the cross bar of the goal post or carry the football across the opposing team's goal line. Scoring is as follows:

TOUCHDOWN - 6 points

The offensive team must cross their opponent's goal line while in possession of the ball.

CONVERSION - 1 point (Kick) or 2 points (Pass or Run)

After a touchdown the offense has another chance to score from the 3-yard line. They can place kick the ball through the goal post or they can pass or run over the goal line.

FIELD GOAL - 3 points

The offensive team may place kick the ball from anywhere on the field behind the line of scrimmage. The ball must go between the goal posts and over the uprights.

SAFETY - 2 points

The defensive team tackles an offensive ball carrier in their own end zone.